I'm a senior level UX/UI/IxD/Art+Creative Director as well as a passionate and inspired team lead and entrepreneur. With more than 20 years in user experience, user interaction, visual design, branding, marketing and digital spaces, I specialize in helping companies ship world class brands, products and experiences.
I'm a Full Stack Designer, Experiential Creative Problem Solver and Leader with extensive experience managing a multitude of projects from conceptualization through implementation. 
I am able to positively impact the usability, profitability and performance of products, businesses, creatives and branding initiatives alike through efficient orchestration of resources, skillful design, and productive internal/external business relationships. 
I align diverse client needs with budget, design, and corporate constraints while maintaining a keen eye for emerging trends and opportunity development in new and existing markets. 
I effectively manage projects and optimize procedures to reduce costs and innovate final products. I possess significant strengths in creating competitive product and corporate advantages through the ideation, creation and iteration of intuitive and immersive brands and user experiences.
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